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I Anticipated questions on my straightening brush so i covered it in this video i made ealier, i know you guys too well.
-Silk Result Straight Smoother
-Silk Result Thermal Smoother

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Hi guys, it's me, um, yeah.


So I'm gonna jump straight into it.

My hair is still straight and I haven't really been wearing it down because the weather's been horrid it's been snowing.

Oh, it was snowing.

The day I straightened my hair anyway, what yes, miss knowing and stuff so I'll be mostly wearing it like this Nikki just other side, um, I stopped, wrapping.

It about three days in it's been over a week.

Now since I straightened my hair because I straightened it, um, last Saturday I.

Am trying to get my straightening experience video up, but it's taking me forever because I'm having so much problems with my computer.

Now that I have an HD camera it's much much harder for me to edit on my laptop as my laptop is ancient like ancient.

So everything takes extra long, especially when I'm publishing videos.

And then when I'm uploaded onto YouTube, it takes hours like ours, ours ours maybe I wanted to know a review on these two products.

These are the products that I use to straighten my hair.

And this is the straightening brush that I used.

Okay, it's a nice straight North.

It was a blow drying brush or a straightener straightening brush, it's a ceramic, straightening brush and it's by Vidal, Sassoon, okay and it's.

The pro elite this came with my blow dryer.

The blow dryer that you're going to see me, or you saw me use in my straightening experience video as well as my other blood, drive video that I made like, you know, youngster go.

I have had that blow dryer since I was 16 and I am now 23 so it's been going strong, very very strong, I, don't know, if you come by that exact one anymore, and this came with it.

It came with this.

It came with the concentrator nozzle.

It came with a comb thingy that crunching broke.

It broke like within a month.

All the tooth whistle thing is just like click toss.

And then it also came with a diffuser, which I had I've never used on tour like last year.

So yeah, I knows we're gonna ask me so that's, why I wanted to just quickly touch on that? Um, I know that they sell my phone, I know, they sell this.

So you can get this and type of device from your local beauty supply store or Slama see if it in the UK, maybe places like boots or something superdrug and should have something like this I'm, not sure, okay, alright so on to the UM review.


So this is the silk results straight smooth up by joy, coat I, really, really like this product and I think it helped me a lot.

It helped me get my hair really straight when I blow dried it.

And usually it takes.

And it cut down below giant I'm, I cut down blow drying time.

Because usually it takes me about two hours to blow-dry.

And thus was, I was transitioning, um.

But you know, even with my relaxed and cough.

My hair is much thicker.

Now, even though it's, not as long as when I was transitioning yet to remember that my straight and tried to super quickly, it was only my restart took forever.

She like blow dry so considering all that into account it's, pretty good.

It cut down my blood I on time.

My hair was nice and smooth.

It was silky.

It was super soft and shiny I would definitely buy this product again, um I would bite again.

If I straightened my hair, often I, probably wouldn't have to buy this again, because there's like low think I only used up a tiny amount for each section and I bought this for nine pounds.

95 like I mentioned in my other video, yeah.

And that was on sale when it's not I'm saying, what I believe is between like between 12 to 13 pounds, yes.

And I ordered this from feel unique calm, but you can buy jayco products I'm at a bar like on other websites or in shops.

I don't know salons as well because a professional range so Stalin's might have it.

But yes, okay.

And then this is the silk results, um thermal smoother.

So what I did was and once I'd blow dried my hair, I trimmed, the ends each each section I had four sections I trimmed.

The first section trim the ends and then I sprayed the thermal smoother on it twisted it up and then went around and did the same thing.

So by the time I came back it, dried I don't like to spray my hair and then immediately flat iron, because you get that like sizzling and this theme and I don't want that I don't want any kind of extinction or flat iron smell that burnt hair, smell.

So that's.

What I do what I did? Um, yeah.

Once again, it is a great product say if you are thinking of straightening your hair, and you are looking for some heat protectant and something to aid and cut down your whole time.

I would recommend these two products which I bought with my money.

And this one was 995 as well and say, oh, but I know that originally this one cost the little bit.

And this my hair has stayed pretty straight.

I would say is they pretty straight it's been considering what the weather's like considering it's been over a week, considering yeah, all those all those factors being put in it's, a pretty straight and I'm very happy with it.

Um, yeah.


I just wanted to say that my scalp has been so dry.

Oh, my gosh, guys.

My scalp has been so dry I've never had such dry scalp before it's been crazy.

And as soon as I finish straightening, my hair from like day, two up till now my scalp is just felt incredibly dry I've had to use coconut oil on there like a few times and I don't, even grease.

My scalp I, never whatever grease.

My scalp I, never oil.

My scalp because I'm just cotton woman and I don't need to, but still straightening my hair.

My scalp has been try and I just don't know why my actual hair hasn't felt dry or anything.

My have been really moisturizers, maintained its moisture quite well.

But my scalp has been Sahara dry and I just don't know what this about so I'm dying to wash my hair.

But then at the same time, I'm kind of relieved to not have to deal with my hair.

Yeah, I do miss.

My kinks.

A lot a lot a lot anywho, ok, guys.

So giveaway time, Tony of Tony daily Tony daily com Tony here on YouTube and it's, constantly giveaway.

So, yay, thank you Tony and I'm going to tell you guys the story of how this giveaway came about.

So I think it was like in january sometime in january.

And early january is when I started contacting companies and people to see if they would sponsor other giveaways for this month.

And I think it was like the second month in january.

I think it was, and I got a message on facebook from tommy, and you know, and I think turn it and it was like, oh, hey, um, how you how you doing I've got some earrings that I think you'd like so you know, I want to give them to you give me your dress.

Yeah, I couldn't, believe it guys, you know once again, this is somebody that I watch on youtube, I, idolized, I'm, just like, oh, em, gee, Tony daily, um.

So where she contacted me and I believe it I really could not believe us.

Oh, my gosh.

Thank you so much and she's like are yet to understand it she's, not for like reviewing or anything and I was like, yeah, yeah.


Thank you.

Thank you.


Thank, you say, of course, I would have made a video saying.

Thank you anyway, but I stuck on my gosh.

Thank you.

And you know, I don't make nothing I'm.

Not sure we make our don't make anything.

So I like, you know, if you need anything from the UK that you can't get over in canada, please, let me know and I'll send it to you and that offer still stands Tony.

If you're watching this video, if you want anything, please, please, please, please.

Let me know and I'll send it to you.

So anyway, I messaged her back and I'd like you.

Thank you.


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