The Truth About Versed Skin Care (2023)


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Aloha everyone and welcome to skincare with hiram.

If you don't know who I am my name's, hiram and I'm passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine.

So make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell.

So that you can see my videos every single week that was an aggressive, shoulder, shake hiring I'm so excited to do this video.

You guys don't even realize how long I've been prepping for this video and it's.

Finally, here she has arrived I'm going to be talking about the skincare brand versed and telling all of you guys my thoughts, the truth about first, you know, I do so many truths about videos that I sometimes forget how dramatic they sound.

The truth about first skincare, like jeez, it's, not that big of a deal hyrum.

But if you aren't familiar with these videos that I do, I give you guys, my 100 honest feedback on brand brand formulas, the products my experience with them.

And let you guys know, my no opinion, because when it comes to me and skincare, I am picky as hell and it's hard to find a brand that passes my standards, which you know makes it really difficult, but it's my own fault.

I guess let's just get into this.

If you aren't familiar with itunes about videos, I first talk about the brand overall my thoughts on it.

And then I go through each of the individual products ingredient by ingredient because ingredients don't lie, I know this, you know this we all know this.

And then at the very end, I give you guys my final thoughts and tell you whether I think it's worth it or not so let's get into it.

So a little bit about versus skincare, they are a recent addition to the target skincare area world, whatever it's called, and they have been blowing up in popularity.

They are what I would consider to be a luxury drugstore, skincare brand to where they're not like the base level.

Price point like cerave or cetaphil.

They definitely have a more luxury feel appearance and a little bit of a higher price point.

But I would still consider them drugstore.

They tend to be really focused on product and ingredient, transparency, while also being free of a lot of ingredients that the clean beauty community kind of deems to be harmful for the skin, which is, you know, debatable to me, but I'm, not mad when I see it at the very minimum.

It means the brand is really critical of what ingredients they put in their formulas and not which I definitely relate to.

They are both vegan and cruelty free.

If you go to their website, they have a really heavy focus on environmental sustainability, 92 percent of their products are recyclable.

Their goal is to be 100 carbon neutral by 2021.

And they also sent me a few products in pr and the packaging and everything that they use is trying to be as zero waste and reusable as possible, which I really really like they tend to be very outspoken in this, which is something I respect, also, it's, really cool on their website.

If you go to each of the individual products, they'll have all the ingredients listed out.

But if you click on every single one of the ingredients, it will explain its function and why it's formulated in the skincare product, which I think is really cool because we need more education about ingredients.

I mean, that's really important that's.

What I try to do on my channel and any brand that is going out of their way to educate their customers about what their ingredients do is just it's a yes from me.

And overall as a brand, I would say they represent a good midpoint between science and nature, driven skin care.

They definitely align with the clean beauty community in the sense that they're like we're free of this this, this vegan, cruelty free all of that.

But they also have a very heavy focus on science as well and aren't afraid to use really high concentrations of powerful ingredients, proper synthetic ingredients and really utilizing scientific knowledge to find the least irritating ingredients possible.

Instead of like with a lot of clean beauty brands that actually are super irritating and damaging to the skin and I'll just be honest when a verse first hit target.

I was immediately buying that.

I was like, okay, I am officially here for this.

I want this on my face.

So without further ado let's, just get into the products and the ingredients, which I'm really excited for and as usual I'm going to be listing these from my least favorite to my favorite, starting with the day dissolve cleansing balm.

And yes, this one is empty.

This is empty.

But this one is a cleansing balm that's supposed to get rid of all the dirt and makeup that builds up on your face throughout the day.

In order to give you a good double cleansing system, I'm a huge fan of cleansing balms.

And I've used a bunch in the past, and I passed by this one so many times and every single time I kept deciding against getting it until one day I was in line at target.

And I was like, you know, what I'm just gonna pick it up real quick.

I bought it.

And then once I got home, and I looked at the ingredient list I was like, oh, hiram.

You dumb.

This is why you haven't bought it the last five times.

Unfortunately, it is a cleansing balm that's formulated with polyethylene.

I I don't like seeing polyethylene in my products because what polyethylene is is plastic it's, the most common form of plastic used just anywhere with anything plastic utensils desks, accessories all that stuff.

A lot of it is made from polyethylene and companies usually put polyethylene specifically in cleansing balms, because it adds a really nice slip to the skin as you're applying it and not gonna lie that definitely feels nice when a cleansing balm has a slip to it.

So it's, not gritty and making you tug a lot at your face.

But there are conflicting reports of the toxicity levels and breakdown ability when polyethylene enters the water stream system and how it can affect marine wildlife.

And I've specifically spoken to toxicology experts who have said that yes, polyethylene can be damaging to marine wildlife.

And it can also cause sewage backup problems because of its inability to break down in certain environments.

And because I live in hawaii I'm, just like, you know what I like to avoid it where possible.

And I only realized it was in this formula after I purchased it.

But the other thing I don't like about this is that it has a really high concentration of eucalyptus essential oil, which I honestly was surprised to see when I saw this, because verst seems to be very critical of using any type of fragrance ingredient in their products.

And so for them to not only formulate with eucalyptus, but advertise it.

So clearly on the packaging, I'm like boo.

What are you doing? And the last thing I don't like about this product and it's actually kind of ironic is that the brand claims to be silicone free, but if you're silicone free, why are you using polyethylene like in my opinion, polyethylene is arguably way worse than silicones.

I actually really like a lot of silicones because of their beneficial function in preventing trans epidermal, water loss, the process by which we lose water through our skin.

So I actually think silicones can be a good thing.

But polyethylene is definitely not a good thing.

So I don't know what they're getting at.

But lastly, this did not perform well at all like it literally left the skin so slippery and didn't feel like it broke up any of the dirt and excess oil on my face that I was like, wow, that did nothing barbara and that's.

Why this one is completely empty.

I scooped out all the inside through in the trash.

I didn't put it down the drain don't want to hurt the marine wildlife and then plan on recycling.


Yeah, this one was a no for me.

If you are looking for a good drugstore cleansing balm to use instead, I personally recommend either the neutrogena makeup removing balm.

This one is polyethylene free and fragrance free as well.

I believe you can find it at target or the burt's bees cleansing oil balm.

This one does have some fragrance, but like I said, I don't have a huge problem with fragrance in a wash-off treatment.

So long as it's like at a relatively low percentage.

And this one's, a great one to go with as well by the way, all the products that I recommend in this video as well as the alternative recommendations will be listed in the description box below if you do feel like purchasing any of them, I make a small commission that helps to support me and my channel.

And I'd really appreciate it if you do feel like shopping, but no pressure whatsoever.

Did I just spit at the camera, gross no pressure whatsoever.

It's, just there as a resource next up is their skin, soak, rich moisture cream.

Now I've used this for a little while I was using it specifically overnight, because my skin is more oily during the day.

But I do like to use really hydrating emollient moisturizers at night to make sure I'm getting in as much moisture as possible as far as ingredients.

I like one of the primary ingredients is poly isobutane, which is a good, you know, standard ingredient for making sure that the skin is moisturized as well as glycerin, which is going to be hydrating.

It does have squalene, but it's kind of low on the ingredient list.

And I was honestly surprised that they did formulate it at such a low concentration.

When this is specifically formulated for people with dry skin.

I would expect it to be higher up on the ingredient list.

But for some reason it's, not as well as different forms of soothing algae and sodium hyaline array, a concentrated form of hyaluronic acid that draws in moisture to the skin as far as my experience with this one.

It was fine like it.

Wasn't a bad moisturizer.

I enjoyed my experience.

But overall looking at the ingredient list.

I wasn't like wowed, you know, it was one of those ingredient lists where I was like, okay, you know, it's, fine some good ingredients in there, definitely, but all the good ingredients that I really liked were at the bottom of the ingredient list.

And honestly, in my opinion, it's, nothing special.

And if I were to recommend moisturizer from their line, I would recommend the other one that's going to be in this video.

So stay tuned for that one.

And I believe they sent this one to me I'm, not sure I may have purchased this one, the majority of products in this video I purchased, but some they sent to me.

I can't, remember which next is the on the rise firming serum.

This one claims to be an anti-aging serum that's going to tighten and lift the skin due to the peptide complex that it has and peptides are really good for firming, the skin helping increase collagen production.

And while peptides are great don't.

Get me wrong.

They're, usually like a long-term investment type of ingredient, they're, not an ingredient where you're going to see like an instant result or a lot of really good quick benefits as far as ingredients.

I like this one has glycerin.

It has propanediol another good hydrating ingredient.

It has resveratrol a really good ingredient that serves basically as a skin protectant to make sure that your skin is not damaged by free, radicals and pollution and dirt in the air.

And resveratrol is an ingredient that I don't commonly find in skincare.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find it in this product.

I used this for a little while and honestly, you know, it was a good experience.

I thought it was fine.

I didn't see anything transforming in my skin.

But then again, like I said, before I don't think the serum is made to give you transformative.

Results, it's more.

So just to ensure that you're investing into your skin's future.

So that you don't see aging down the road, but as far as an ingredient list, I think this one is a good serum.

I think it's great it'll, be really good for moisturizing and firming, the skin and definitely a good product for anyone who is looking to start on the anti-aging game.

Early okay.

And now we start getting into the really good products.

I'm excited.

Next up is the guards up, zinc.


Spf 35 now.

This one is a recent favorite of mine and was actually featured in my favorite drugstore sunscreen.


If you haven't seen that yet, I highly recommend it it's in the description box below.

But yeah, this was featured as like my favorite like luxury drugstore sunscreen as far as ingredients.

This one is only formulated with zinc oxide as a sunscreen, which I love to see because as far as the mineral sunscreen goes, I think zinc is the best ingredient as well as propanenetial apple extract, which has some mild exfoliation ability.

It has a bicycle lol, a component of chamomile, that's, really good for soothing any red and irritated skin.

Something I think is really necessary in a sunscreen specifically as well as hydrolyzed hoba ester so it's going to be really moisturizing, but good for multiple types of skin, sodium hyaluronary and a specific ingredient called moringa seed oil, which I don't see very often.

But I was really encouraged to see in this it's, an incredible antioxidant ingredient.

It reduces sensitivity and irritation in the face.

It calms down irritated skin, which like I said before is great for a sunscreen product that's meant to protect you it prevents water loss.

So it'll make sure that your skin is holding on to as much moisture as possible and it's a hydrating ingredient, but it's, not overly greasy on the skin.

So it's, not gonna leave like a film of excess oil.

And being that I have oily skin.

I've been using this one every day in the summer, and honestly, it's, really good it's, very lightweight.

It doesn't leave a white cast tint on my white cast rating.

I would label it as a one for my skin and a two for like darker skin tone.

I don't think it would work for every darker skin tone.

If you do want to see my recommendations for dark, skin tone, sunscreens go to link in my description box below.

I have all my favorites there.

But yeah, I was really impressed with the finish of this one.

And it never left my skin, super greasy.

I love the ingredients.

The only downside to this is that this is a very expensive sunscreen.

Consider how big the bottle is and consider how much sunscreen I use, which is a lot.

I use way too much sunscreen.

Not too much.

I use enough.

I just want to be protected.


But most of the sunscreens I get are like, you know, like that big.

So the fact that this is that small and that it's 22 dollars it's like a little expensive that's a little pricey, but you know what I consider it worth it for the bomb ingredients that it's formulated with.

And this one for sure they sent me next up is a recent find that I've been incorporating in for my skincare routine over the last week, it's, the press, restart retinol serum.

Now let me just say the ingredient list of this product holy.

So so good it's formulated with sunflower seed oil, which is going to be really hydrating, obviously retinol.

And they don't disclose what percentage of retinol it is, but they say that it's a good introductory retinol, which I would assume means that it's, probably at a low percentage like 0.2, or something like that, which is honestly great, because I think we need more retinols for people who are just getting introduced into it, rather than like, super super, super strong, retinols that make people's skin freak out upon immediate use and it's also formulated with bukuchi all.

And I appreciate that they use both retinol and bacochial because a lot of natural and green companies are saying like bacochial is the new retinol and that everyone should switch over to pikuchi all and it's like there is not enough research to say that because y'all is just like retinol, there's, literally only been one study that shows that bakugal is promising.

And there are hundreds of studies showing the benefits of retinol.

So I like that they're using the grounded good ingredient, retinol, but also experimenting with a new type of retinol boccuccio and mixing them together like I was saying before that merge of the science and nature community.

One cool thing though is that they also have reports to make sure that the picutile is sustainably sourced.

So I like that, transparency, it has an ingredient called and I'm.


I laugh.

Every time I say this ingredient, christma, marta, mum, I'm, sorry.

It just sounds like a lisp christma.

Chris, mum.

I mean, it's, fine.

I basically have a little bit of a lisp too so I'm, not one to talk.

But that ingredient is great because it helps prevent trans epidermal water loss, but also has sodium, but also has sodium hyaluronate sea buckthorn extract, which is a great hydrating ingredient as well as xylitol.

So overall, this formula just really impressed me, because usually when it comes to retinols, the difficulty is that the main side effect of retinol is that it really dries out your skin.

It strips it.

And I like to see retinol products that are formulated with a lot of hydrating ingredients.

And this one definitely came through.

But the unexpected thing for me was how lightweight it is on the skin it's like a gel cream.

It wasn't like a heavy cream like I was expecting which is awesome, because it means I can pair it alongside one of my favorite moisturizers and not feel like I'm, putting too many creams on my skin like it's going to suffocate me.

Now, obviously, I haven't been using it long enough to see the long-term benefits of this specific retinol.

But I personally think it's a great introductory retinol for anyone who's looking to start into it.

And the ingredient list is just well.

So good, I love all of them.

And this is something I could see me using for a long time, because even though I like strong products, strong products, aren't always good to use for long periods of time and I'm trying to lean more into gentle actives actives that give you just enough to make sure your skin is healthy and taken care of while not overly exposing it to treatment ingredients that could sensitize it.

You know what? I mean next is one that I don't have yet.

But in doing research for this video, I was like holy.

I need to buy that the next time I'm at target because it's amazing the just breathe clarifying serum.

Now I don't know why when I saw this one and I saw that it was blue.

I automatically assumed that it was just like a hydrating serum.

I don't know why I should have paid closer attention.

But this serum is specifically meant for people who have oily acne-prone skin.

Glycerin is the second ingredient.

Niacinamide is the third ingredient.

So I'm like.

Wow, obviously, that means I have to buy the product just tell me where niacinamide is, and I will meet her for a day any day it's, an obsession.

The fourth ingredient is willow bark extract which operates very similarly to salicylic acid, but it's very gentle and well, tolerated alongside other ingredients, which is why I really like it when I see it in a product because you're getting the benefits of salicylic acid.

But not at a crazy high concentration that is going to dry out your skin in any way.

Zinc is the fifth ingredient, which is going to be great for reducing redness and sensitivity that could come from those treatment ingredients as well as sodium hyaluronate, a small concentration of salicylic acid, yeast proteins and panthenol looking at this ingredient list.

As soon as I read through it.

All I was like, I think I have found the perfect product legend just incorporates so many ingredients that I absolutely love, but it's still simple, it's, not overly complicated they're, not trying to fill the product with so many beneficial ingredients that it's like, whoa, whoa, too.

Much it's like the perfect amount of active ingredients, which is why I need to get my hands on it.

So I'm looking forward to trying that from a formula standpoint, a plus.

And lastly, my favorite product from the brand.

And if you've watched any of my recent videos, this will not come as a surprise.

The dew point moisturizing gel cream.

This was probably my first obsession.

No, it was my first obsession with verst.

I purchased this product and I'll do it again.

No seriously as a moisturizer.

This is a bomb product.

The second ingredient is glycerin.

The fourth ingredient is squalene, which is amazing it's, a very lightweight, gel cream that works for people who have more normal to oily skin types.

And I would say a good dupe to the scentella calming gel cream by eye unique.

I love this product, but it is korean and it's difficult to get in a lot of places around the world, but versed could be a lot easier depending on where you're located.

I like it so much because I'm someone who has oily skin.

But at the same time, I like products that really moisturize my skin.

I don't want my products to be overly stripping or drying or mattifying, because that oftentimes means that your skin is being overly stripped.

And this is the perfect type of moisturizer that delivers that good hydration while not feeling thick heavy sticky on the skin.

At all squalene is the fourth ingredient, which I find really impressive because squalene is one of those ingredients that can be really heavy on the skin.

So whenever I see it formulated in a lightweight, gel moisturizer, I'm like, wow, good job because that's a difficult thing to do aloe juice is the fifth ingredient.

Green tea.

Extract is the sixth ingredient.

Green tea is an extremely high quality ingredient that usually is pretty expensive and it's great for reducing redness and sensitivity and it's, very rare that I find it in that high of a concentration in any usa, products, usually it's only korean products.

The seventh ingredient is hoba oil, a great oil for people who have oily skin.

It has an ingredient called sambucas.

I don't know how to pronounce it that's just what I'm reading.

I don't know, if it's pronounced that way, you know, the yuge, which is a great skin, soothing agent and it'll help to protect you from free radical damage throughout the day from both the formula and experience standpoint this moisturizer, just honestly takes the cake out of all the products in there.

Lying I'm, a huge fan of it and I'll be repurchasing it in the future, just because that's how much I like it and it's actually featured in my favorite drugstore, moisturizer video, which I will have linked down below if you want to watch that.

But if you're someone who has oily, skin wants an easy to find moisturizer check this one out it's good.

And we come to the end of the video my final verdict as to whether or not, I think verst is worth it or not.

So as far as negatives for the brand, I don't like that, they have some green washing like the whole.

We don't use any silicones, but then they use polyethylene talking about what ingredients they don't formulate with that are actually very safe ingredients.

But at the same time, I can understand it from a marketing standpoint because people are definitely gravitating towards the brands that claim to have no toxic nasties.

You know that kind of stuff we're used to at this point and for a drugstore brand, they are a little bit expensive like the majority of their products are above 15, which some people can find pricey.

But at the same time, my stance on it is that if the ingredients are really good, then I don't mind investing into my skincare.

I just get annoyed when products are really expensive and they're formulated with a ton of irritating ingredients, I'm like girl, who do you think you are honestly, but as far as the positives of the brand, I love the midpoint that they have reached between the scientific skincare community and the natural skincare community.

I think it's a great median brand that serves to both and falls in line with my personal philosophy towards skincare.

I think the products have really really high quality ingredients and are formulated at concentrations that are really good they're.

Not just using like a few drops of the good ingredients in their formulas and calling it good like.

This is the brand that uses a high concentration of good ingredients.

I like that they provide a little bit of a luxury feel towards skin care without you breaking the bank.

And then, of course, I love their focus on sustainability and ethics, their transparency when it comes to their ingredient sourcing what ingredients do why they're formulated in their products, the vegan and cruelty-free statuses the reusability and recyclability of their packaging.

I think they're just a very socially oriented brand, which is very appealing to me.

And lastly, I like how accessible they are.

I like that they are available at drugstore alongside a lot of other drugstore brands that I'm just like personally, not crazy about if you guys know, my feelings on drugstore skincare.

I I struggle sometimes finding good options.

But overall I have to say, verst is definitely one of my favorite drugstore brands ever like.

I think they're doing an amazing job.

I can't, wait to see what products they come out with in the future.

And I think they're operating in a really innovative space in the skincare industry by having good quality products that don't break the bank.

So what do you guys think? I know you guys are probably sitting there in shock like, oh, my god hiram likes a brand, wha.

What do we do? But for real, I highly recommend verse and that's.

Why? I've been so excited to make this video? And I tried so many other products if you do feel like shopping, any of the products that I mentioned feel free to go to the links in my description box below if you want to support my channel.

And if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so that you can see my videos every single week and I'll see you guys in the next one.


Is Versed actually clean? ›

To deliver high-quality skincare without high markups. Not only are the products clean, but the packaging is sustainable as well.

Is Versed owned by Target? ›

Versed is a new brand from Los Angeles-based Clique Brands Inc., which owns the fashion brand Who What Wear. That brand has partnered with Minneapolis-based Target since 2016 on a clothing and accessory line.

Who is the parent company of Versed skin? ›

Founded by Katherine Power, CEO & Founder of Clique Brands, in late-2018, Versed is the world's first clean, community-powered “drugstore” skincare brand.

Can I use Versed retinol every day? ›

A: Because our Retinol Body Lotion uses encapsulated retinol, which sends the active deep down beneath the skin's surface, it is gentle enough to use nightly. In fact, we recommend it. The more consistent application, the better the results. Stick to once daily, though—you don't want to overdo it.

What are the problems with Versed? ›

headache, drowsiness; hiccups; nausea, vomiting; or. pain, redness, or a hard lump where the medicine was injected.

Why was Versed discontinued? ›

Within 18 months after Versed went on the market in the United States, the F.D.A. received reports of 86 serious adverse reactions, including 46 deaths. Some experts say that other deaths may not have been reported.

What is similar to Versed? ›

Versed Alternatives Compared
Versed (midazolam)HaloperidolHaldol (haloperidol)
N/AInjectable solution Intramuscular solution Oral concentrate Oral tabletInjectable solution
Brand Names
Other midazolam brands include: Nayzilam, SeizalamHaldol, Haldol DecanoateOther haloperidol brands include: Haldol Decanoate
40 more rows

What does Versed do to the body? ›

Midazolam is an injection that helps you relax or sleep before a surgical procedure. It can also block your memory of the procedure. A healthcare provider will inject this medication into a muscle or a vein in a hospital or clinic setting. The brand name of this medication is Versed®.

Where is Versed skincare manufactured? ›

“First off, thank you for your interest in Versed! Secondly, the answer to your question is simple: We go where the best formulas are. We work with a number of labs in Thailand and all over the USA. The reason some of our products are made in Thailand is because that specific lab produced the best formula.

Is Versed silicone free? ›

Free from parabens, silicones, sulfates, and 1,350+ ingredients that have questionable data.

Is Versed tested on animals? ›

Because we say no to animal testing and yes to cruelty-free cosmetics, Versed is certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program.

What happens when you stop using retinol? ›

You see, retinol impacts your skin's normal function, and when you stop it your skin has to re-learn how to regulate itself properly again. So typically when people stop using it they experience either bad acne or bad dryness for a few weeks afterwards.

What happens if I use retinol every night? ›

So if you start using retinol every day out of the gate, you can end up with some painful inflammation and a damaged skin barrier, negating any potential positives. One way to avoid that irritation is to start slow, explains Ranella Hirsch, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Boston.

What percentage of retinol is in versed? ›

Q: How much retinol is in this product? A: Retinol is 0.03% based on their website.

Who should not take Versed? ›

Before taking this medicine

You should not use Versed if you are allergic to it, or if you have: narrow-angle glaucoma; untreated or uncontrolled open-angle glaucoma; or. an allergy to cherries.

What is the long term effect of Versed? ›

Long-term use of benzodiazepines can contribute to more severe memory and cognitive impairments. With Versed there is also the risk of something called paradoxical reactions. This refers to a scenario where someone experiences the opposite effects that are typical of the drug.

Is Versed FDA approved? ›

Approval Date: 10/15/1998.

How long does it take for Versed to wear off? ›

Midazolam typically lasts in your system for a few hours. When used before procedures, you should recover within 2 hours. But, it could take up to 6 hours or longer, and other medications used for sedation might make the effects last longer.

What was the Versed medication error? ›

The patient was supposed to get Versed, a sedative intended to calm her before being scanned in a large, MRI-like machine. But Vaught accidentally grabbed vecuronium, a powerful paralyzer, which stopped the patient's breathing and left her brain-dead before the error was discovered.

What did the nurse give instead of Versed? ›

When Vaught could not find Versed in an automatic drug dispensing cabinet, she used an override and accidentally grabbed vecuronium instead. An expert witness for the state argued that Vaught violated the standard of care expected of nurses.

What is the #1 skin care line in America? ›

Neutrogena. The brand: You don't need to spend tons of money for effective products that derms love; Neutrogena is touted as the number one dermatologist-recommend skincare product and you can find it at the drugstore.

What are the 3 most important skin care products? ›

Caring for your skin is as simple as using a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Is there a reversal for Versed? ›

Romazicon (Flumazenil) is a benzodiazepine antogonist used to reverse Versed (Midazolam) and Valium (Diazepam). It also has a rapid onset of action, producing a reversal in less than one minute.

What is generic for Versed? ›

Midazolam, sold under the brand name Versed among others, is a benzodiazepine medication used for anesthesia and procedural sedation, and to treat severe agitation.

Is Versed a drugstore brand? ›

Versed skincare is budget friendly clean beauty line that likes to describe themselves as the cleanest drugstore skincare brand.

Does Versed affect the liver? ›

Hepatotoxicity. Midazolam, like other benzodiazepines, is rarely associated with serum ALT elevations. Clinically apparent liver injury from midazolam has not been reported and must be extremely rare, if it occurs at all.

How much Versed is safe? ›

Adult Dose:

Initial dose of 0.5mg IV over 2-minutes just before beginning of procedure. Must titrate to effect (slurred speech) by giving additional IV doses over 2 minutes. In general, do not exceed total dose of 3.0 mg, You may continue to titrate higher doses if needed to obtain effect.

Does Versed have a vitamin C serum? ›

Versed Stroke Of Brilliance Brightening Facial Serum - Vitamin C, Licorice Root and Niacinamide Help Reduce Hyperpigmentation, Even Skin Tone and Firm for Hydrated Skin - Vegan (1 fl oz)

What percentage of niacinamide is in Versed? ›

The dynamic trio of willow bark extract, 1.06% niacinamide, and 1% zinc blend work together to calm inflammation (the root of skin's problems), decongest pores, and soothe redness, keeping skin's little freakouts at bay.

Is Versed skincare non toxic? ›

Versed is non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and all under $50.

What are the side effects of silicone on face? ›

Silicone clogs your pores

It traps everything like bacteria, impurities, dirt, and sebum in your skin by forming a barrier on the skin. Silicone also causes pores to enlarge, and can also encourage blackheads and acne to form. It can affect the natural process of sweating which can lead to blemishes forming.

Does Versed moisturizer clog pores? ›

Sodium hyaluronate (like hyaluronic acid it helps draw in and retain moisture in skin) and aloe leaf juice hydrate while natural antioxidants found in green tea soothe skin, fight damaging free radicals, and quiet inflammation. Best of all this daily moisturizer won't clog pores.

Does Versed gel moisturizer clog pores? ›

Non Comedogenic Moisturizer for Face - As if all the other benefits weren't enough our gel face moisturizer won't clog pores, making it a great choice for all skin types - especially oily and acne-prone skin.

Is Versed plant based? ›

All Versed products are vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny-certified. Shop some of our favorites below.

Is Versed skincare ethical? ›

Vegan, ethically-sourced ingredients and Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free formulas prevent animal endangerment.

Is Versed sulfate free? ›

All Versed cleansers are soap-free, eye- and pregnancy-safe, and made without 1,350+ questionable ingredients, like parabens, sulfates, and silicones.

Who should avoid using retinol? ›

Board certified dermatologist Zenovia Gabriel, MD, notes that “people with sensitive skin conditions like rosacea cannot tolerate really strong topicals like retinols.” Also avoid retinol if you're going to be spending a lot of time in direct sunlight without proper sun protection.

Does retinol make you age slower? ›

Retinol is a powerful tool against aging skin and acne, but it's not for everyone. If you're prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, you might want to try skincare products with alternative anti-aging or skin-clearing ingredients.

Is retinol damaging long term? ›

Topical retinol is generally safe for long-term use without any detrimental health risks.

Is 60 too old to start using retinol? ›

The good news is that it is never too late to start incorporating retinol into your skin care routine. People in the 60s and beyond have begun using retinol and still experienced results.

Do you put moisturizer on before or after retinol? ›

According to the Cleveland Clinic, if your retinol is irritating your skin, you should apply a thin layer of moisturizer before applying it to give your skin a little barrier. If your retinol is not irritating your skin, then depending on the formula, you can apply it before your moisturizer.

Should you moisturize after retinol? ›

Regardless of your skin type or which product you use first, a layer of moisturizer should always be applied after retinoids.

Can I use versed retinol every day? ›

A: Because our Retinol Body Lotion uses encapsulated retinol, which sends the active deep down beneath the skin's surface, it is gentle enough to use nightly. In fact, we recommend it. The more consistent application, the better the results. Stick to once daily, though—you don't want to overdo it.

Which brand has the highest percentage of retinol? ›

1. SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 Maximum Strength Refining Night Cream. Formulated with the highest concentration of 1.0% pure retinol and botanical extracts, this cream is enhanced with the latest stabilization and delivery technologies to preserve retinol potency and ensure maximum efficacy and stability.

What to use after versed retinol? ›

Retinol can make skin more sensitive to the sun, so ample daily protection is key. We recommend saving retinol for your PM routine but if you do apply during the daytime, always follow up with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, such as Guards Up, and reapply every two hours.

Is Versed a clean beauty brand? ›

Versed skincare is budget friendly clean beauty line that likes to describe themselves as the cleanest drugstore skincare brand. They have some interesting skincare products so I'm excited to finally share my review on this widely accessible range.

Are Versed products non toxic? ›

Versed is non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and all under $50.

Is Versed paraben free? ›

Are you paraben- and sulfate-free? Yes, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

How long does Versed stay in your system? ›

How long does midazolam last? Midazolam typically lasts in your system for a few hours. When used before procedures, you should recover within 2 hours. But, it could take up to 6 hours or longer, and other medications used for sedation might make the effects last longer.

What percentage of vitamin C serum is Versed? ›

Versed Stroke of Brilliance Brightening Serum

With just 0.5% vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate), this gentle serum is a great option for all skin types, but especially for those with sensitive skin or those who find vitamin C irritating.

Where is Versed skincare made? ›

“First off, thank you for your interest in Versed! Secondly, the answer to your question is simple: We go where the best formulas are. We work with a number of labs in Thailand and all over the USA. The reason some of our products are made in Thailand is because that specific lab produced the best formula.

What is the generic for Versed? ›

Midazolam, sold under the brand name Versed among others, is a benzodiazepine medication used for anesthesia and procedural sedation, and to treat severe agitation.

Are Versed products good for sensitive skin? ›

All Versed products (with the exception of Doctor's Visit Instant Resurfacing Mask) are developed with sensitive skin in mind and vetted by community members with all different skin types. If you want that extra verification, try these Sensitive Skin-Approved products below.

Is CeraVe an ethical company? ›

CeraVe is not cruelty-free.

They may test on animals, either themselves, through their suppliers, or a third party.

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