57 Aesthetic Outfits For Your Cold Chick Winter Wardrobe (2024)

Aesthetic outfits for winter are easy to tackle with the right inspiration. No one wants to look like a bundled mess, but us cold girl winter’s need to stay warm!

For some of us adding layers and cozy knits that fit your aesthetic is natural, but if you’re like me and you love a good summer aesthetic, you have to try a little bit harder when it comes to winter.

Here are some of the outfit ideas & fav cold weather influencers that have helped me build my aesthetic wardrobe for winter with ease, and have fun layering while doing it!

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It’s possible to have fun styling winter clothes, even when you hate the cold like I do. 😉

You have to find the aesthetic and style that you like and run with it in order to love it, and I just know this post is going to inspire you to figure out what your winter aesthetic is. Whether it’s minimal or maximal, colored or neutral, there are a ton of different ways to dress for winter with your dream style.

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Let’s dive in!

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Table of Contents

Aesthetic Winter Outfits 2023

If you follow trends closely, aesthetics change every year, so every winter we see a little bit of a different style that we really hone in on and call “aesthetic.” They might be slight differences, but they’re there. Here are some examples of what’s cool and trending in winter 2023/2024.

1. Casual And Cozy

An adorable lounge set paired with a beautiful fur or teddy piece is the vibe this winter. Effortless.

2. Sherpa Moto

The sherpa moto isn’t anything new this year, but pairing with a crop top for contrast is a fun trend we’re seeing this season.

3. Denim And Brown

A light wash denim paired with a rich brown jacket or sweater is very much an enviable color palette this year. Regardless of the usual pull towards dark denim in the cold, this is a really cute daytime option.

4. A Classic Pea Coat

You can never go wrong with a classy favorite!

5. Ear Muffs

The fluffy cozy pieces are trending big time right now, pair all of your winter outfits with a neutral ear muff as you wander around the outdoors.

6. Athletic

Your favorite athletic look with a small puffer and beanie is the seasonal staple.

7. Hoodie Layers

Layering your hoodie under something cutie like a teddy is an interesting way to add layers.

8. Mini Skirts

A mini skirt in winter sounds so wrong, but when you play with different silhouettes and lengths with your coat, and throw on some tights, this is a really chic look in 2023.

9. Over The Shoulder Sweater

Throwing a sweater over your shoulders, even over another sweater is a really big trend this year. French inspired, it’s cute and easy to add something else to your outfit.

10. Black And White

We’re not going back to the all black wardrobes anytime soon, but sometimes putting together a strategically black and white outfit can be a really cool statement.

11. Cherry Red

Tomato girl summer had a hold on us keeping us into the color red, but it’s following us into winter.

12. Headbands

Headbands are everywhere right now, the jersey ones that just add an effortless level of casual to your cutest puffer and jeans combo.

13. Patterned Sweaters

A patterned sweater is so perfect to add to your basics.

14. Unexpected Pairs

A shacket with a plaid skirt with cowboy boots? This isn’t the most expected pairing, but it’s so cute! Make interesting decisions with your outfits, and that’s what turning heads this year.

15. Hat Layers

Just because you want to wear a cute ball cap doesn’t mean your ears should go cold! Stack ’em up.

16. Sweater Dresses

A simple sweater dress can be styled so many ways! And one like this light gray is especially versatile.

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The term basic can be looked down on in fashion quite a bit, but in my book, there’s a reason that something is so “basic” or popular… It’s because it’s cute and it works! So why not wear it?

17. Stirrup Leggings

Equestrian style is so in these days, so these stirrup leggings with a pair of pumps and a good coat really make them the chic and fashion forward pant in your closet.

18. Docs

A good pair of jeans and Doc Martens will never disappoint when the temps drop.

19. Oversized Scarf

Throw the oversized scarf on with just about anything and it’s basic and trendy, but so perfect for the weather. Stay warm!

20. Vintage Leather

These vintage and worn leathers are the go-to look this year.

21. Striped Sweater

The French girl stripes are all the rage, throw it on with just about anything and it’s a very chic look.

22. Hair Bows

Having a hair bow is just the thing to take your outfit from simple to super girly and on trend.

23. Collared Layers

Throwing on something with a collar under your sweater is my favorite way to add some interest to the go-to sweater look.

24. Turtleneck

I hated a turtleneck as a kid, but now I can’t get enough!

25. Quarter Zip

Your favorite quarter zip from the 90’s is back!

26. Palazzo Jeans

The structured wide leg jean is everywhere this year. They’re fun and add an element of movement to your outfit.

27. Vests

Both puffer and moto shearling vests are taking over this year, and you can build any outfit around them.

28. Tailored And Casual

Throwing on a cap with your tailored button downs makes your look so interesting.

29. Color Pop

Use your winter accessories like scarves and ear muffs to add a little color pop.

30. Sweater Dress And Boots

This might be the trendiest outfit we see this year, but it’s so cute and cozy, why would you resist?

31. Neutrals

Again, we’re not going back to the all neutral palette anytime soon, but we are for sure going to see them in a lot of simple and elegant winter outfits.

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Preppy is the epitome of winter fashion. Pea coats, loafers, and cable knit sweaters really bring this aesthetic to life daily while keeping us toasty outside.

32. Brown Tones

This is the classic preppy look, using browns in a light academia fashion.

33. Sweater Vest

This sweater vest and shorts outfit is preppy with a little edge, but the perfect outfit nonetheless.

34. Slingbacks

Mini skirt, tights, and slingback heels. Enough said about this perfect outfit.

35. Beret

Everything about this is giving New York in winter.

36. Plaid Skirt

The plaid skirt is a staple in a preppy wardrobe. Fall in love with these pieces as they build your classic and beautiful outfits.

37. Herringbone

Classic patterns any capacity are the way to go for a preppy look this year.

38. Monochrome

This nearly monochrome outfit is the ideal way to channel a casual preppiness.

39. Bright Red Peacoat

This paired with a staple skinny jean and matching boots is perfect.

40. Clean Styled

Styling your oversized peacoat with a slicked back hair style that keeps it clean is a thorough way to make it something that’s more of a preppy look.

41. Matching Set

I am obsessed with this matching coat and skirt set!

42. Cropped Cable Knit

If you want to channel a preppier look this winter, this is where to start! A cable knit is the staple in a classic closet.

43. Embellished Blazer

Sure, your go-to black blazer is so chic, but one with a little embellishment on it gives it that prep school look.

44. Striped Blazer

Or maybe a striped blazer is more of your thing!

45. Mini Skirts

Try a tiered and layered mini skirt with all of the details.

46. Classic Trim

A pretty trim like this is one of those subtle details that makes everything so cute and classic looking.

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Formal Winter Outfits

Need to dress a little more formally for an event this season? Here are some stunning and aesthetically pleasing winter formal ideas.

47. Feather Details

The feather sleeve details are so fun and make this dress a little more glam.

48.Dark Colors

This navy is the perfect shade to channel winter energy even in a formal gown.

49.Fun Fur Coats

A fur coat like these are stunning on top of anything you can imagine to pair for your winter formal occasion.

50. Burgundy Velvet Dress

The perfect color, fit, and fabric.

51.Black Lace Layers

Even if you find yourself with a gown that isn’t quite wintery enough, throwing on a layer of black lace under is the way to go.

52. Tall Boots

Cover up your legs with a pair of tall boots so the dress can be a shorter version if needed.

53. Stunning Magenta

Now imagine this under a fur coat… Stunning right?

54. Draped Details

Beautifully draped details are so beautiful for winter.

55. Luxe And Dark

Fabrics in these colors and patterns are stunning and will easily channel your formal winter energy.


Something as easy as this dress under your favorite coat with a beautiful pair of boots or pumps will steal any show.

57. Capes, Capes, Capes

Capes are the best way to make anything and everything winter and cool at the same time.

How To Dress Cute In The Winter

While you’re scrolling through bunches of cute outfit inspiration pictures of outfits you want to replicate, sometimes it’s nice to start picking up tips that would help you do it on your own.

Dressing cute in the winter is all about playing with textures and layers. As if I haven’t said the word “layers” enough in this post, but knowing what jackets and coats layer well with your velvet mini dress for dinner and figuring out which pair of boots is ideal for the occasion. My personal problem is loving summer clothes and needing to pair them with the right pieces to cover up enough in the cold weather is a challenge.

But adding pieces like faux fur, oversized scarves, and tights add some dimension and intrigue to the classic hoodie and jeans.

You got this!

57 Aesthetic Outfits For Your Cold Chick Winter Wardrobe (6)

I hope you found this post helpful in curating the perfectly aesthetic winter wardrobe and that you can come to the conclusion that you know how to dress like this already, you just have to process the outfit options in front of you while getting dressed.

The basics are basic because it’s cute and it’s warm, and the aesthetic is aesthetic because it’s cool and has something interesting to it. Don’t overthink when it comes to aesthetics and how to dress a certain way, just add something that is interesting to the outfit and it likely will fall into place. It’s your outfit, dress how you want!

57 Aesthetic Outfits For Your Cold Chick Winter Wardrobe (7) I'm Shannon & my obsession with trending fashion came along with my art degree from Collin College. I've been known for writing about style around in the internet with my Fashion ID Co. trend reports.
by Shannon

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57 Aesthetic Outfits For Your Cold Chick Winter Wardrobe (2024)
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