10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (2024)

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Published: Thursday July 27, 2023

10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (2)

Written by Charisa Bossinakis and Luc Wiesman

When it comes to finding a fine pair of men’s brogues, the material is everything. Premium leather and suede fabrics are critical for quality brogues; bonus points for something that’s been responsibly and ethically sourced.

Keep an eye out for calf leather, as this leather offers a refined look with a shiny finish, ideal for black-tie occasions. Additionally, invest in a cushiony footbed and a responsive sole, as there’s nothing worse than having throbbing feet mid-way through any formal event.

If you need to upgrade your footwear game, we’ve rounded up the best brogues for men, all of which are guaranteed to elevate any outfit.

Ace Marks

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Although this name isn’t a household name, Ace Marks is a footwear brand you want to know. Founded in 2012, Ace Marks produces stylish men’s shoes available for affordable prices. Their hand-crafted Italian shoes are accessible to everyman without ever compromising the design or quality, as they believe excellent footwear shouldn’t be overpriced.

Ace Marks manufactures some of the best wingtip brogues; the perfect formal footwear money can buy. Many of these wingtip shoes are lined with highly breathable calfskin leather, making them extremely comfortable to walk in. Also, this selection is available in the most eye-capturing earthy browns, set to make a statement the minute you enter any room.

Popular Products: The Vincent Wingtip | Beto Wingtip | Luke Wingtip

Priced from: $250


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This Italian shoewear brand makes extraordinary designs for affordable prices, your to-go footwear brand that promises luxurious shoes without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for polished dress shoes, then you’ve come to the right place, as Scarosso offers different styles made from smooth leather and suede, including their brogues.

These brogues are a classic style showcasing clean lines and impeccable craftsmanship, the perfect dress shoe to elevate the rest of your formal wear. If you’re looking for something slightly different, Scarosso also offers brogue boots capturing a vintage look and a cap toe.

Allen Edmonds

10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (5)3/11

Allen Edmonds ensures all its products are of the highest quality as every shoe is hand-crafted through a 212 step process. Make sure you visit their store, as they offer some of the most delicate brogue shoes that have been treated with great care and detail to feel like a customised fit.

These brogues are available in stunning colours and contrast heels, providing more of a lively dress shoe. However, aside from just looking good, these shoes offer maximum support with a 360 Bench Welt construction for added durability and stability. Dress these shoes up or drown; they’re highly versatile.

Cole Haan

10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (6)4/11

Founded in the roaring twenties in Chicago, Illinois, Cole Haan became known for its incredible collection of stylish yet cosy dress shoes. From their contoured arch and cushioned footbed, Cole Haan shoes support you with every stride you take. They have an extensive collection of men’s shoes, offering styles suitable for casual, formal and everything in between.

These brogue styles are perfect for the modern man, as they have fused luxurious style with innovative technology. These shoes come with rich leather uppers and rebound cushioning that’s incredibly responsive.


10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (7)5/11

This leading shoe-making company initially had workers producing shoes from their own homes before finally bringing production under one roof, which led to Church’s finding its footing, launching their ‘Adaptive’ collection. These shoes offered customers the chance to essentially customer their dress shoes in various widths, materials and even half-sizes, making every product feel like a customised fit.

Still today, Church manufacture the best dress shoes, including well-crafted brogues. From oxford style brogues, brogue wingtip boots to full derby brogues, they offer many different incarnations. Church’s also uses the finest materials, including Doha, Nevada and Calf leather.

Charles Tyrwhitt

10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (8)6/11

Since the mid-eighties, Charlie Tyrwhitt has created stellar menswear and footwear rooted in its timeless aesthetic. This has been a go-to formal wear brand ever since its creation in 1986, helping men to look and feel their best.

Their collection of brogues are premium leather and suede, guaranteed to smarten up your style. Charles Tyrwhitt offers classic brogues and brogue boots that are durable yet lightweight, promising you an exceptional level of comfort. Charles Tyrwhitt also offers semi brogue sneakers if you’re looking for more a sporty style. These shoes come with stitch detailing and textile lining, guaranteed to last the long run.

Ted Baker

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The British-born tailoring brand provides luxurious pieces with a modern twist. Founded in 1988 in Glasgow, Ted Baker has had an evident focus on clothing quality and detail, changing the footwear industry for the better. Make sure you check out their collection, as they offer a diverse brogue range available in many different styles.

If you’re looking for leather trainers – a brogue and sneaker hybrid, Ted Barker has you covered. Otherwise, Ted Barker has an assortment of brogues crafted from silky smooth leather, the perfect smart casual shoes.


10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (10)8/11

Grenson has led the shoe game since 1866, growing to prominence manufacturing boots for soldiers during The Great War – it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about high-performing, protective footwear. However, their collection has expanded greatly, as Grenson offer impressive dress shoes that balance great style and functionality.

Genson brogues are some of the best money can buy. With each shoe given a different men’s name, it’s clear Grenson treat these shoes the same way they would with their own sons. These brogues have a highly durable sole, adding a little bounce to your walk. However, if you’re after a slightly more utilitarian style, make sure to pick up a pair of their sleek black boots.

Paul Smith

10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (11)9/11

Paul Smith is one of British’s foremost designer brands that seamlessly blend modernity and tradition in their designs. Aside from creating incredible menswear, Paul Smith is also home to some of the finest shoe styles, including brogues.

Paul Smith offers an extensive range of brogues versatile enough to merge into formal or casual wear. If you’re looking for something a little more revolutionary, they create brogues with chunky heels, adding a rock n roll sensibility to the classic shoe.


10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (12)10/11

Clarks is still a privately owned business, still based at its birthplace in Somerset, UK. With over two centuries of experience, innovation and superb craftsmanship remain at the forefront of this brand, as every product is designed with meticulous detail.

If you’re searching for highly supportive dress shoes, then look no further than Clarks, as these brogues have an EVA midsole. These shoes come with classic brogue detailing and impeccable stitching for a clean, polished look. Also, these brogues are metal-rated leather, sourced from a tannery that’s achieved a medal rating from the Leather Working Group – third-party overseeing organising that promotes responsible and ethical manufacturing.


10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (13)11/11

Founded in 1892, American brand Florsheim has been producing incredible footwear for quite some time. Renowned for being at the forefront of the latest trends and technology, Florsheim stays true to its classic styling and quality artistry while always remaining ahead of the curb.

Florsheim offers endless styles, from derby brogues to toe cap brogues; you’re bound to find something that suits your taste. These shoes also come with a cushiony footbed, helping keep your feet feel secure and supported all night long.

10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style (2024)


10 Best Men's Brogues & Wingtips For Smart Style? ›

Wingtips are often referred to as full brogues, but this isn't strictly correct. The wingtip term is from the long W shape that goes from the toe to halfway down the shoe. The term 'brogue' actually means the holes or perforations that most wingtips have, but not all.

What is the difference between wingtips and brogues? ›

Wingtips are often referred to as full brogues, but this isn't strictly correct. The wingtip term is from the long W shape that goes from the toe to halfway down the shoe. The term 'brogue' actually means the holes or perforations that most wingtips have, but not all.

Are brogues still in fashion 2023? ›

Today's fashion offers a wide variety of styles you can create with brogues. Try on these shoes with denim pieces, like jeans, skirts, shorts, denim shirts, and jackets for a casual and relaxed look.

What is the difference between brogue and wingtip Oxford? ›

The Wingtip Oxford has a pointed toe cap with extensions called wingtips which extend along both sides of the shoe. Although technically an Oxford, it is generally referred to as a Brogue. When seen from above, the cap is shaped like a 'W' or an 'M', depending on the viewpoint.

Are brogues smart casual? ›

Oxford brogues are a classic and versatile smart casual shoes option that can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions. These shoes, which feature decorative perforations on the surface, can add a touch of sophistication and style to any outfit.

When should you not wear brogues? ›

Whereas some attitudes may change, many don't: in strictly formal circles such as black and white tie dress codes, brogues would not be appropriate due to their historically casual heritage – you don't want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Are wingtips still in style? ›

In a word, yes. They are historically semi-casual dress shoes and with all the detail work they don't often mesh well with the nice clean lines that we strive for in modern men's style. They fall somewhere in the middle of casual and dressy.

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